Tree Removal Service

& Safe

As experts in tree care services, Benoit’s Tree Care really cares about trees. While trees are very good for the environment, they can be potentially dangerous to the properties they are on or the people that live there. A fallen tree can easily damage a house, especially if the tree is large. In cases like these, the best option is tree removal. The team at Benoit’s Tree Care are professionals in tree removal. If there is a tree on your property that you think may pose a danger to it, get in touch with us and we will safely remove the tree in question, giving you the assurance that your property will be safe and sound.

Stump Grinding


After removing a tree, what’s left behind is the stump that kept the tree anchored to the ground. Among the options you have in dealing with the leftover stump is grinding it. By using a grinder, we can shred the stump down to small wood chips, which in turn can be used as mulch for plants. Although the stump grinding process leaves behind the tree’s roots, it is an efficient way to get rid of stumps. If this sounds like a service you need, contact us at Benoit’s Tree Care and we’ll handle the rest.

Experts In

Tree Care

When taken care of properly, trees can easily beautify any property. However, as trees get bigger, it may be difficult to maintain them, as branches and leaves become harder to reach. In that case, Benoit’s Tree Care can make sure your trees are properly maintained and looking good. No matter how big or small they might be, you can trust that our team will handle your trees with care. Contact us today to get started.